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Sharon Baldwin

Sharon Baldwin

Loose Parts Press was founded by Sharon Baldwin in 2020. We work on: Traditionally publishing beautiful books for children, Helping you with your self-publishing projects or other design needs, Developing resources for educators and parents, Children’s workshops and events. We love books with messages around community, sustainability and fostering a love for nature. Our books “Goodnight Blue Mountains” and “Good Morning Blue Mountains” by Skye Taylor have been local bestsellers, and our other titles can be found in bookshops, gift shops and galleries around Australia including the Art Gallery of NSW. We are members of the Australian Publishers Association, the Small Press Network and the Children’s Book Council of Australia. Loose Parts Press is also a social enterprise. We donate a portion of our profits to Indigenous-led charities each month, pay for carbon off-setting and use sustainable materials and plastic-free packaging wherever possible. In addition to publishing we also create teachers notes, offer readings with our authors and illustrators, and teach workshops in the Blue Mountains, Sydney and beyond. Our founder, Sharon Baldwin, is the author of “P is for Permaculture” and the 12-book series “The Gardeneers.” Her next book is titled "What Is It?" and is slated for publication in September 2023. For questions around our publishing services, stocking our books, or arranging an author visit, please email us at

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