CORPORATE COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST—working with clients in the business, government and academic sectors to improve the quality and effectiveness of their communications, both print and digital. I make sure client publications are clear, concise, correct—and appropriate for the audience and purpose. PROJECTS—I work on a range of materials for both print and online publication including annual reports, issues papers, conference proceedings, presentations, proposals, policy documents, prospectuses, strategy documents, manuals, newsletters, submissions, tenders, theses, training materials and websites. SERVICES INCLUDE— • Copyediting • Proofreading • Structural editing • Indexing • Rewriting in plain English • Technical writing and editing • Layout, design and formatting • Editing tables and graphs • Writing and rewriting • Creating style guides QUALIFICATIONS— • Bachelor of Commerce (Statistics–Operations Research), Macquarie, 1997 • Graduate Certificate in Editing & Publishing, UTS, 2006 • Master of Arts (Writing), UTS, 2007 • Accredited by Institute of Professional Editors in 2011 ABN—18 792 434 635

Denise has not updated their categories as yet.

Denise has not updated their categories as yet.

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