WeiZen Ho has been devising and presenting open-disciplinary performances since 1999. Her practice has expanded through music-visual concerts, into solo and participatory works to occupy spaces of uncertainty between performance, ritual and installation. These works employ significant accoutrements and deep imagery to shift and coalesce relationships between body, voice, sound and site. In this process she investigates methods for accessing the memory-body through vocal-bodywork, improvisational techniques and re-imagined psycho-physical states of spirit possession. These are informed by Southeast Asian rituals and animistic practices she has witnessed in her ongoing research processes. WeiZen is increasingly drawn to performance interventions in public places, experiencing and inhabiting time in a more nuanced manner through long-duration works. She spent a month in September 2023 devising and presenting public space performance interventions in New York as part of a 'Live Art Tour 8' with other international artists. In November 2023, she adapted 'Stories from the Body (SFTB) #1', with a performance trajectory from the park, public footpath, pools and Louise Bourgeois’ 34 ft 'Maman' sculpture on Art Gallery Rd, to the new North Wing site. This was part of a 2-day opening programme, 'Has the Day Invaded the Night or Has the Night Invaded the Day' exhibition, Art Gallery NSW.

WeiZen has not updated their categories as yet.

WeiZen has not updated their categories as yet.

WeiZen  Ho


Stories from the Body #1 participatory performance for Louise Bourgeois' exhibition opening

Stories from the Body #1 is a re-imagined hybrid performance image of the mysterious puyong and pontianak entities from Malaysian folk-lore.

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