Wardrobe styling is my favourite activity. I love playing with clothes and collaborating to actualise a vision. As a stylist I prioritise client comfortability, director's vision and sustainability. Our current fashion industry is rife with waste, toxic attitudes and a focus on perfection. My professional practice aims to rewrite this and shift focus back onto the individual and highlighting creativity rather than perfection. To do so, I exclusively source from sustainable practitioners. I thrift, loan vintage, collaborate with local designers and upcycle pieces. This also allows me to be inclusive of a wide range of budgets, making my services accessible to anyone. I primarily work on shoots, whether it be fashion editorials, personal marketing campaigns or commercials, I am ready to be your portable stylist. I also have experience and love working on performance looks. In terms of client communication, I prefer to have 1-2 meetings prior to shoot/performance day to ensure goals are met and there is enough time to make the necessary adjustments. Depending on the job, one of these meetings will include a fitting or test run of the look and any other communication can be done in person or online. Each job is different and I am committed to tailoring my practice to best suit your needs. Please reach out if you have any questions, I am always happy to talk clothes :) Creative direction and fashion styling usually go hand in hand, however I am open to and love the role of creative direction as my sole purpose. In this role, I conceptualise ideas, manage the team, make all creative decisions for a project and generally lead projects from concept to completion. I love to be in charge and I love to collaborate. My process for CD is similar to styling, with a focus on client comfortability, director's vision and sustainability. However I also manage the team/project and tailor my practice to suit. Photography for me was born out of the desire to capture my looks in the way that I want. I shoot on a cannon digital and vintage digital. I love bts photography and capturing a more candid aesthetic. I am more recently exploring portrait and nature photography, but my main passion lies in fashion and music.

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January 11, 2024
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