Born and raised in the Blue Mountains, I have always been drawn to incorporating my love of nature into my art. I create art that explores the themes of identity, our connections to nature and spirituality in this ever evolving world, with the multitude of new technologies we have available to us. My work spans the realms of painting, wool felting, digital, generative and photography. Over the past few years, I have exhibited my work in a number of galleries and shows across the world, including multiple exhibitions in both London & New York City. My work has been auctioned through a renowned Chinese auction house and has also been published in Australian Art Collector Magazine in 2021.

Rose has not updated their categories as yet.

Rose has not updated their categories as yet.



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January 23, 2024
Rose Forsyth Jackson


Sedition collection

A collection of my textile digital artworks launched on digital art platform Sedition Art

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