Hayley Zena Poynton is an artist and curator living on Dharug and Gundungurra country, Blue Mountains. She is currently curating at The Blue Mountains Cultural Centre City Art Gallery and before that worked in Visitor Experience at the Art Gallery of NSW. Hayley maintains a collaborative curatorial methodology to facilitate meaningful experiences between the artist and the audience. As an artist Hayley is strongly influenced by the natural world, the gothic, and the human expression of storytelling, primarily folklore and revisionist histories.

Hayley Zena has not updated their categories as yet.

Hayley Zena has not updated their categories as yet.

Hayley Zena Poynton


Tracing the Rupture

Tracing the Rupture explores selfhood and the fractured contexts we experience throughout life

as above, so below

as above, so below investigates alchemical transformations as a way of exploring personal mythologies, rituals, transience, and speculative ecologies

Cause + Effect

Using existing mathematical theories, which map uncertainty as its foundation – Chaos Theory, Butterfly Effect, Dynamical Systems – Cause + Effect investigates the highly sensitive nature of causal sequences

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