Anna Gardiner is a Theatre and Film Designer, Artist and Stylist who has been working in the industry for the past 15 years. Some of Anna's more recent credits include, Set and Wardrobe Styling for Accolade Wines commercial, Production Design for TikTok series in post production 'Girl Crush' (Oddity TV, Dir. Olivia Aleksoski) Production Design for Short Film currently in post production 'The Box' (Joe Vasey Productions), Costume Design for short film 'My Heart Calls for You'(BCPictures, Dir. Bonnie Cee), Production and Costume Design for Zero Stress 'Love Bites' Music Video (Dir.Tel Benjamin), Production Design Short film 'Head Over Wheels' for Bus Stop Films (Dir. Genevieve Clay Smith), Production Design, 'Rebels with a Cause', Samsung x Refinery29 (Dir. Genevieve Gorman Deane), Set Design/Stylist, 'Dell XPS Open Studio', Pedestrian x Dell (Dir. Rachel Bell), Production Design 'BWS x Pedestrian' (Dir. Dave Burrowes), Production/Costume Design 'Set Times' Short film (Dir. Frazer Bull-Clark). Event Styling for Havas Blvd/BIGW Autumn Launch, Design for ‘You’re Not Special’ (Rogue Projects, Dir Samantha Young), Costume Design ‘The Bridges of Madison County’ (Matthew Management and Neil Gooding Presents, Dir. Neil Gooding), Production Design for Web Series ‘Sexy Nails’ (Dir. Tom Slater) and Production Design for short film ‘Diving In’ (Dir. Nina Oyama and Adam Bowes), Set and Costume Design ‘The Underpants’ (Sugary Rum Productions, Dir. Anthony Gooley), Set and Costume Design ‘Taking Steps’ (Ensemble Theatre, Dir. Mark Kilmurry), ‘Evie May’ (Hayes Theatre, Dir. Kate Champion), ‘Rose Riot’ (Sport for Jove, Dir. Damien Ryan), Production Design for Feature Film ‘Sequin in a Blue Room’ (Dir. Samuel Van Grinsven). Anna won a Sydney Theatre Award in 2014 for her Set Design on Bell Shakespeare’s ‘Henry V’ and in 2015 an APDG Award for her design of ‘The Crucible’ (Sport for Jove Theatre).

Anna has not updated their categories as yet.

Anna has not updated their categories as yet.



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January 11, 2024
Anna Gardiner


'Love Bites' Zero Stress Music Video

Schlock Horror Music Video set at a 1980s Prom

My Heart Calls for You

Period short film, set in 1914 France.

Feature Film 'Sequin in a Blue Room'

'Sequin In a Blue Room' Feature Film, directed by Samuel Van Grinsven

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