join mtns made as an organisation, business or supplier

MTNS MADE is a community of creative professionals living and working in the Blue Mountains. You can join MTNS MADE as a creative individual and/or a supplier or organisation of the creative industries. MTNS MADE exists to support, promote and grow the creative economy of the Blue Mountains, Australia. If you are interested in joining the MTNS MADE community, please read the following requirements to make sure you are eligible - then choose your subscription type to get started.

who is mtns made for?

MTNS MADE is for creative individuals and businesses working *professionally* in the creative industries living and/or working in the Blue Mountains.

*Professionally* means that you or your business derive income from your creative practice and/or that you have a track record or growing reputation in this field. The creative industries is defined as those sectors which specialise in the use of creative talent for commercial purposes.

Information on the suburbs contained within the Blue Mountains local government area is available here.

If you don’t work in the creative industries or you don’t live or work in the Blue Mountains, then unfortunately a MTNS MADE membership isn’t for you.

benefits of joining mtns made
  • A profile on the MTNS MADE website, including a bio, links, portfolio (images, video, sound) and a contact form on your profile with enquiries sent straight to your email.
  • Access to a private jobs board with opportunities only available to MTNS MADE members. Members will also be able to post job opportunities on here at no cost.
  • Access to a private database of resources for MTNS MADE members, which will grow over time.
  • Opportunity for your profile, events and products to be promoted on the MTNS MADE social media channels, the MTNS MADE website and the MTNS MADE Broadsheet.
  • Access to promo codes for discounts on events, services, courses and products from MTNS MADE partners.
  • Invitations to MTNS MADE events including salons, social events and workshops.
how to become a member

If you meet the above criteria and you would like to become a MTNS MADE member, please select your preferred subscription type below then fill out the form on the following page to setup your account details.

If you an individual with an existing profile on the old MTNS MADE website your payment details will be taken however you will not be charged immediately. You will have access to six months membership for FREE. You can cancel your subscription up to the end of this six month period, after that you will be charged your preferred subscription type. If you manage a creative space, a retailer or a supplier to the creative industries, you will have an option to choose a subscription type on your business entity. This subscription is available as a scaled annual fee with one month free trial.

Once approved, you will be redirected to your profile page where you can complete your public profile, including biography, profile picture, links and the categories you think best represent your practice.

This profile will be reviewed by MTNS MADE within approx 7 business days. Once approved, your profile will be live on the MTNS MADE website and you can add projects to your portfolio which will appear publicly on your member profile page

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